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16th July 2014


Funny how sometimes when you lose motivation that the world sends you little messages anywhere, in the form of anything, at any time. What better sign could I ask for? The Warm Up. Summer 2009. The day when it all began for me.

13th July 2014


The Station Agent

A cute little minimalist movie for fellow introverts.

1st June 2014


Most people are only really good at one thing. Know what that thing is, and don’t give up on it. It’s the only thing you’ve got.

9th May 2014

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I can’t stop. This is all I know.

25th April 2014



Trust me, I’d love to just ball up in my shell and not talk to anybody, but when the duty calls you gotta suck it up, step up, rise to the occasion, and do a damn good job.

17th April 2014

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It’s not always the skill set that makes a leader. Sometimes the only difference between a leader and a follower is that the leader grew a backbone and decided to make his own decision.

18th February 2014


Before you give somebody from your past a second chance ask yourself this: what has this person been through from then till now? If their experience is nothing spectacular or devastating, then you can trust that the person will go back to their old habits. It takes life altering experiences to change someone. And I can bet almost all of these people have been doing nothing more than sitting on their couch eating potato chips.

30th January 2014


Trash talking

Today I was speaking to a lady at my job for a get together lunch. We briefly touched on football and as the conversation progressed she said she was never a fan of it because it was too violent and she would never understand why people would hurt each other like that. We are obviously on different levels of understanding contact sports. But as a practitioner of contact sports, what she said really hurt me. This is because the sport has done so much for me, and I wish that others could give it a chance so that they could learn the same things I learned. I understand where she was coming from; the sport can seem barbaric and violent at times. Which brings me to the whole Richard Sherman controversy lately. I feel like as practitioners of contact sports, we need to be responsible and not sway the opinions of those such as this lady even further by adding to the fire. The sport is already seen as negative in the eyes of many; there’s no need to taunt and talk trash and give the sport an even worse name. That would be irresponsible to the sport and what it did for you. Always be polite and let your game speak for itself. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner in all areas on and off the field. Let’s try to build our sports and give people a reason to love and learn from it the same way we did.

22nd January 2014

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Breaking point

Everyone has one. Mental, physical, and emotional breaking points. Some people have a higher tolerance than others in specific categories. Other people snap on the dot. That person who seems to never get upset has one. That athlete that claims he never quits has one too. In the end, it breaks down to the fact that nobody is perfect. We’re all human beings after all. I try my best to keep my breaking point as high as I possibly can. But honestly, it’s tough. But I try my best. I mean, nobody likes someone that loses their cool. Being tolerant was never a natural thing for me. It was always something I had to nurture; life experiences that I went through, role models that guided me, lessons learned from the wise. I’ve seen so many people break or snap. It’s not an attractive moment to be around. I hate being around it. It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable to be around. It’s drama that you wish you could avoid. It could even make you snap too. It’s one of the things I hate the most about being around people. Sometimes solitude doesn’t seem so bad after all.

23rd December 2013


I’m the best kept secret around.